How to do WhatsApp Marketing: Step-by-Step Guide 2022

Beginner’s Guide on How To Do WhatsApp Marketing – Strategies and Tips Included

If you’re troubled with the question of “How to do WhatsApp Marketing?”, then this blog is here to woo your troubles away. We’re going to dive into each and every detail of WhatsApp Marketing.

Right from the start to understanding what it is, how it is beneficial and a step-by-step process to set it up. Some additional tips and strategies on how to use it effectively are also included. Also, catch how digital marketing can be integrated into WhatsApp Marketing!

Let’s get started.

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What is Whatsapp Marketing?
Is WhatsApp Marketing beneficial?
How to get started and set up Whatsapp Marketing to promote your business?
WhatsApp Marketing Strategies and Tips to Get Started
How to do Digital Marketing for WhatsApp Marketing?
Popular WhatsApp Marketing Softwares & Tools
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
What is Whatsapp Marketing?
WhatsApp marketing is nothing but promoting your products/services and engaging with your audience through the popular messenger app “WhatsApp”. We widely use Whatsapp to communicate with our friends and family on a regular basis.

Thus, when you use this app to market/promote your products and reply to your consumers’ queries, it becomes the most personalized form of communication and shopping experience.

Let’s see why so many brands are already using it and why you should use it too!

Is WhatsApp Marketing beneficial?

YES! WhatsApp marketing has proved to be very effective and beneficial. Listed below are just a few reasons why we think using WhatsApp Business is beneficial –

1: Help keep your business separate from your personal life
WhatsApp is a very social app and there are chances that you may put up a personal profile picture or share moments of your family on your WhatsApp status. This may be putting off your clients who may become skeptical of buying from you again.

With the WhatsApp Business app, you can keep your personal and business lives separate. You can easily portray a more formal and professional side of your business while also making it personalized.

2: Set up a complete business profile
The business app has additional, handy features that allow you to create a business profile with information such as name, profile picture, business address (with map), business category, business description, business hours, email address, and up to 2 websites links.

Such information is useful for current and potential customers who want to know the credibility of a buyer as well as be able to contact you when needed. People you message through the business app will also be able to see that the contact belongs to a business account.

3: Plethora of business options available
Apart from setting a unique business profile, there are other useful features on the app. For instance, you can see message statistics (number of messages sent, delivered, read, and received).

You are also able to set “Away Message”, “Greeting Message” and “Quick Replies” and can decide when and how to send them.

How to do whatsapp marketing – Quick Replies

Furthermore, you can add a label to every chat – a new customer, new order, pending payment, paid, order complete, and many more custom labels.

4: As seamless as the regular WhatsApp
If you are still worried about whether or not you will be able to manage the new app, there is no need to fret. Apart from the above features, the app works exactly like your regular WhatsApp. It has the same interface, the same options, and the same accessibilities.

Your contact list will show up on the app; you can set up statuses for promotion; delete sent messages, and you can use WhatsApp Web when you are using your PC.

5: Can set Auto-Reply Option
Imagine you’re sleeping away or vacationing somewhere, does that mean you need to put a pause on your business? Technically, no. You can set up an auto-reply option wherein your users will get pre-set replies depending on their inputs.

6: Hassle-Free Payments
You can send and receive payments via Whatsapp! How cool is that? You can generate a lead, convert them into a consumer and receive payments all through your Whatsapp Business app. It has proved to be a safe payment method and thus, even consumers won’t hesitate.

how to do whatsapp marketing – whatsapp pay

7: Most importantly, It’s free
Small business owners are always tight on their budgets. WhatsApp recognized this and therefore kept their business app completely free just like the regular WhatsApp application. For a free price, the app gives a lot of brilliant business options.

If you want to get started with the WhatsApp Business App, then you must set up your account first. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started and set up your WhatsApp Business account.

How to get started and set up Whatsapp Marketing to promote your business?
The Whatsapp Business app is available for Android as well as iOS users now so here’s a step-by-step explanation of how you should download and set up your WhatsApp Business account.

Step 1: Search for ‘WhatsApp Business’ on the Play Store and download the app
Step 2: Accept the terms and conditions with/without reading them
Step 3: Add your business mobile number
To register on the app, you need a mobile number different from the one you are using on your personal WhatsApp. If you have a dual phone, you can simply buy another SIM card and use that. If you don’t, you may have to buy another phone and use a new SIM card to register.

A third option is to simply use your existing number; however, your personal profile will be transferred to a business profile if you do this and you will only be able to use the WhatsApp Business application thereon.

After registering, the app will send you an OTP to verify your number. You will get a pop-up option if WhatsApp automatically detects the OTP so you can use that for convenience.

Step 4: Add your business information
It’s time to add your business name and image. We recommend you use your official logo and business name.

Note: Although it has been mentioned that you cannot change your business name once it’s set, we have found a trick to do it. Simply uninstall the app and reinstall it, follow steps 1-3 and change your business name in step 4!

Step 5: Explore the business settings and set them
As already mentioned above, there are a host of business options that you can use to make your business appear more professional. Fill up your required information and set up your messages to start with.

Step 6: Set up the WhatsApp Pay option
If you want to send and receive payments via WhatsApp itself, here’s how you can do it. Click on the 3 dots or the settings option, go to the ‘Payments’ option. Choose ‘Add Payment Method’. You will be asked to accept the WhatsApp Payment policies. Accept it and Continue.

Select your bank name, fill in the details and give the registered number with that account, An OTP will be sent. Punch it in and voila, your account is verified. Now just set a UPI pin for future transactions.

With your Whatsapp UPI ID, anyone can send you payments even if they don’t have their WhatsApp Pay account.

Step 7: Notify your existing business contacts
It’s a good idea now to message your existing business contacts and notify them of your change in number. Request them to only use this number to WhatsApp you from now on. You can use this template:

“Good morning! This is Amanda from Confectionery Treats. We have decided to shift to WhatsApp Business to handle all business-related queries and messages. Please save this number and use this number to get in touch with us. You can also view our business details here. Looking forward to doing business with you. Have a great day!”

Once you’ve set up your business account, here are some strategies you can use to get started with Whatsapp Marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies and Tips to Get Started
The first strategy should definitely be to create a resonating brand persona on Whatsapp. Create a character that reflects your brand and also connects with the audience at the same time.

This will make users feel like they are talking to your brand directly and not with a robot.

Another main strategy should be to start building your database of contacts. Give your consumers some incentive in exchange for their phone numbers! Once you have that, you can run promotional messages directly to them.

You should also strategize how to update your consumers on their product journey. Right from placing the order, to the shipment updates and when it is out for delivery. An option of cancellation/exchange would be a bonus as it becomes hassle-free for users.

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A few more pointers to keep in mind:

Set up your business profile correctly
To get the most out of WhatsApp Business, it’s important to add all the relevant business information to your profile. The most important of which is your profile picture.

You can then add your business hours, business website, email address, and location (if necessary). Lastly, you can put your business category and business description. These steps are important to legitimize your business and show that you are serious about it.

Use messaging tools
Messaging tools such as “Away Message”, “Greeting Message”, and “Quick Replies” are great to secure and maintain your customer relationships.

You can set away messages for different times as per your convenience; a greeting message will automatically go out when someone messages you for the first time or after 14 days of no activity.

Quick replies are great to send out depending on the message reason and really help to save precious time thinking of replies!

Label your chats for better tracking
Depending on the scale and nature of business, you will have different contacts for different purposes. Instead of saving contact names with awkward words such as “Ashna blacktop June” you can keep adding and updating labels to the chats. What’s more, you can even add custom labels for segregating groups!

how to do whatsapp marketing – label chats

Use stories to talk about your business
Use stories to inform clients of new products, popular products back in stock, what goes on behind the scenes, awards and recognition you have received, etc.

Create different groups to market
You can create different groups for high-value customers and their interests to give them special discounts on existing prices of products to maintain loyalty. You can also give them new product samples, ask for feedback, and request them to give any ideas.

Broadcast greetings and important information
On important occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, New Year, etc. you can broadcast greetings to your customers and suppliers to let them know you are thinking of them.

This will also help increase your brand recall. Broadcasts can also be used to relay important information such as if you are introducing new products, if the business will be closed for a couple of days, etc.

Use a CRM for Whatsapp Business
A CRM is a platform whose purpose is to manage each of the interactions that a company has with its buyers or potential customers.

Many of these platforms, like amoCRM, have integrations with many messaging services, obviously including WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. By using a CRM, you can not only keep all your outgoing and incoming conversations in order in one place, but you can also run many WhatsApp Business marketing strategies, such as sending mass messages with promotions or information, creating a chatbot to automatically answer frequently asked questions or the management of links and QR codes of WhatsApp Business.

No matter the size of your business, a CRM is an ideal tool for WhatsApp marketing and boosting the visibility of your business.

These were just a few strategies that can help you offer a smooth process to your customers. Learn how you can use digital marketing for WhatsApp Marketing and make the most of it.

How to do Digital Marketing for WhatsApp Marketing?
Digital marketing has gained immense popularity recently. The scope of digital marketing is very promising and it offers great opportunities.

Integrating digital marketing with WhatsApp marketing can be the best decision and here’s why:

You don’t need to worry about not having a website. You can still run ads on social media and capture your target audience. What you need to do is redirect the lead to your WhatsApp number to continue the sale. You can add your WhatsApp business link. You need to know social media marketing for this.
Recommended Course: Online Social Media Marketing Course

In case you wish to start your own website but don’t have the resources, you can make your own website using platforms like WordPress which doesn’t require knowledge of coding. This way you can start by creating a simple website.
Recommended Course: Online WordPress Course for Website Building

With that, you can run ads on search engines and garner traffic from there. Once they land on your website, you can showcase your product line and navigate them to your WhatsApp number!
Recommended Course: Online Google Ads Course

If you’re a business offering multiple products, setting up an ecommerce store can be your best bet. You can get all the sales from there and update your consumers via Whatsapp.
Recommended Course: Online E-commerce Course

In short, when you apply digital marketing and integrate it with your WhatsApp marketing efforts, it can prove to be a game-changer for your business.
Learn digital marketing with our 3-month Online Digital Marketing Course to see how you can expand the potential of your business from the comfort of your home. It is an apt course for all business owners as you will be learning the practicality of digital marketing and can apply it to your business simultaneously!

But if you’re someone who is aspiring to become an entrepreneur, we recommend you to study digital marketing at a professional level with IIDE’s 11-month MBA in Digital Marketing – PG Program.

Because be it whichever field you wish to enter, digital marketing is an integral part of it. Learn beforehand how you can scale your business to the top.

Popular WhatsApp Marketing Softwares & Tools
Have a look at some of the popular WhatsApp marketing software and tools to ease the process:

  • Whatso
  • Rapbooster
  • WappBlaster
  • Whatsender Profile
  • Rapid Planner
  • Waam-it
  • Lead Myntra
  • WhatsHash
  • Some of these tools are paid and a few are free. They help you in sending bulk messages and planning your marketing campaigns on Whatsapp. You can check them out for further detailed information.

    If you want a more dedicated approach strategy in place, you need professional help.

    Connect with IIDE’s Corporate Training Vertical to get a personalized and customized training and approach for your Whatsapp marketing and other digital marketing needs and upskill your employees in it.

    Before we part ways, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How to do bulk WhatsApp marketing?
    You can make use of the various WhatsApp Marketing software mentioned above to carry out bulk messaging. It enables you to send messages to millions of people at the same time.

    Q. How much does WhatsApp marketing cost?
    The WhatsApp Business app is free to download and hence, the cost for Whatsapp Marketing is zero. If you do buy some additional software, then that may cost you. And if you have a dedicated person handling your WhatsApp marketing, then his salary is the only cost you need to bear.

    That all folks! We hope this blog has helped you understand how to use Whatsapp marketing and everything related to Whatsapp Business. Consider signing up for Whatsapp marketing courses if you need help or hiring a WhatsApp marketing agency!

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